I know, I know! You've bought a couple of these slimming/fat burning products and that unwanted stubborn fat just won't go away! You might even be considering buying yet another slimming/tightening cream but you are skeptical if it will work or not. 

Girl holding her belly fat

In your quest to lose that stubborn fat, you will come across several products that do not work or cater to your bodily needs, this could be because our bodies vary or simply because these products are poorly made and not well researched hence don’t work!  

In the Skincare/Beauty Industry, there is a lot of consumer skepticism around slimming cream products. So, let's talk about slimming creams and if it does work or not.

What are Slimming Creams?

Slimming creams are marketed and sold as fat burning, weight-loss, sculpting, flat tummy creams, etc., and are designed to burn body fat. It absorbs into the skin, burns the fat, and blocks cellulite formation. 

Girl rubbing a slimming cream on her thighs

The application process is simple: massage the cream into your areas with excess fat and a gradual release mechanism will penetrate your skin cells to burn fat and inhibit cellulite formation.

But does it work?

There are a lot of positive testimonials about slimming creams with verified before and after pictures showing that these products do work and there are also those who have said it did not work for them. Why is this?

Well, most of these products lack the active ingredients that can produce a fat-burning reaction and penetrate through skin cells. Instead, these products only offer a burning skin sensation effect with no real inner penetration to burn fat. Most of the ingredients you’ll find in these products include:

Ginger: remove skin toxins and unblock excess skin moisture

Ginkgo biloba: blocks alpha-receptors; this prevents fat build-up  

Witch Hazel:  is a tighter and toner of the skin which helps reduce cellulite

Glycyrrhetinic acid: reduces subcutaneous fat (which is under the skin)

Vitamin E: easily absorbs into skin to stay in your subcutaneous skin (under the skin)

Decolorized Iodine: helps with tightening and firming

Natural Plant & Herbal Extracts

These are some of the common ingredients contained in these slimming creams, and merely by researching the effect of these ingredients on the body there is a good defense that slimming creams work.

However, we should also note that as it is with all skin/beauty products, results differ per individual, and desired results are often dependent on other factors like body type, metabolism, dietary routine, exercise routine, proper sleep, stress levels, etc.

Everybody is different, so what may work for some might not for others. Let’s not forget that each product differs based on ingredients.

Would you try Slimming Cream?

Now, consider this before you give up, how about you give it one more shot. At Beauty and Curvy, we’ve spent a decade researching and building products that will cater to your body and wellness. We want you to feel good inside out. It took years of research and experiments to find active ingredients that actually work. Let me introduce you to our 30 Days Body Contour cream.


We have come up with a magical, clinically proven formula. This formula is a combination of African herbal roots called Aju Mbaise and a native Asian herbaceous known as- gotu kola (Centella asiatica) amongst other active ingredients. 

Aju Mbaise is an African herb that produces a thermogenic effect and penetrates the skin cells by opening up skin pores to burn fat cells. It is a fat-burning herbal mixture that combines ginger roots, traditional African leaves & seeds, and the bark of a special medicinal tree found in Mbaise, West Africa (hence the name ‘Mbaise’)

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is an Asian herbaceous plant that is a staple in traditional Chinese, Indonesian, and Ayurvedic medicine. This medicinal plant has the power to heal skin issues, because of its skin healing properties. We have added this as an active ingredient to tighten and rejuvenate the skin during rapid weight loss. It makes the skin supple, so when you lose weight there are no visible folds, wrinkles, or cellulite formations. It also strengthens connective tissues and increases collagen synthesis.

Our secret formula was tested in an independently carried out research involving 60 women and 40 men, targeting cases of postpartum belly (mummy pouch), obesity, abdomen bulge, and general belly fat. Results showed that after 30 days of using Beauty and Curvy 30 Days Body Contour Cream, all participants noticed visible changes thereby giving the product an efficacy rate of 90%.

We invite you to try our 30 Days Body Contour Cream and experience the marvel of this product! Don’t forget to leave us a comment on how effective the cream was for you...



Remember that you should also follow a healthy diet and incorporate physical exercise to notice results. Doing so will help you to lose weight and get rid of this stubborn fat.